Black teachers can lower dropout rates, researchers say

Apr 6, 2017
Black students do better when they have role models that look like them.
“Kids we’re seeing, especially those who are disadvantaged, don’t have role models that look like them and went to college, so they don’t think college is something for them,” said Nicholas Papa-George of Johns Hopkins. He co-authored a study on the “role model effect” for black students.
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Wanted: more black and Latino doctors

Mar 24, 2016
Some programs are aiming to diversify the medical field, starting in high school.
Christiona Harris, 18, plans to attend medical school after college, with help from Baltimore's MERIT program.
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Illinois cuts off funding for its public universities

Mar 18, 2016
A budget fight has left both schools and students in the lurch.
Inside the Chicago State University student union, where banners for a recent gathering highlight some of the schools core values.
Nova Safo/Marketplace