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With limited access to abortion comes limited access to medical training to perform abortions

Jul 25, 2022
Med students and residents worry about getting routine access to instruction.
Nearly 40% of residency programs do not offer routine access to abortion training, according to one estimate.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

In the Bay Area, even doctors struggle to make ends meet

May 14, 2019
A resident says medical school "made almost no financial sense."
"When I first moved out to the Bay Area for medical school, I was very excited," said Anita Lowe Taylor. "It's a good program. I really appreciate the people I work around. But it really made almost no financial sense."
Courtesy of Anita Lowe Taylor

Wanted: more black and Latino doctors

Mar 24, 2016
Some programs are aiming to diversify the medical field, starting in high school.
Christiona Harris, 18, plans to attend medical school after college, with help from Baltimore's MERIT program.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

Fast-tracking doctors to lessen student loans

Jul 20, 2015
A new trend aims to get students through medical school in 3 years instead 4.

'Match Day' is a rite of passage for young doctors

Mar 20, 2015
Medical students found out Friday where they'll spend their residencies.