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The labor market is strong enough to take more rate increases, Federal Reserve official says

Jul 7, 2022
The economy is not where it needs to be on inflation, says Mary Daly, head of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
Mary Daly, president and CEO of the San Francisco Fed, says that as we raise interest rates, she expects job vacancies to decrease.
Courtesy Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

"Trust is our most important tool," says San Francisco Fed chief Mary Daly

Oct 6, 2021
Mary Daly weighs in on inflation, the debt ceiling impasse and why public trust is essential for monetary policymakers at the central bank.
Mary Daly, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, with "Marketplace" host Kai Ryssdal. "If we don't have the people's trust, then nothing we do will matter," she said.
Sean McHenry/Marketplace

SF Fed president: "Each one of us in the economy has a role to play"

Apr 7, 2020
Mary Daly talks about the pandemic, the economy and what it might take to emerge from the crisis.
"Even if you're not a policymaker, you can pay for services that you would normally get" to help those who can't telework, says Mary Daly, president of the San Francisco Fed.
Courtesy of the San Francisco Fed