What’s that smell? A teenage boy wearing luxury cologne.

May 31, 2024
Inspired by social media influencers, adolescents are splurging on high-end fragrances, journalist Callie Holtermann reports.
Adolescent boys are building collections of high-end fragrances, Callie Holtermann of The New York Times reports. Some parents say it keeps them away from doing riskier things.
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Neiman Marcus moves into the secondhand market

Apr 17, 2019
The Fashionphile investment follows a boom in the used goods market.
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Why retailers love the term “pre-owned”

Apr 17, 2019
Neiman Marcus is acquiring a stake in Fashionphile, which sells “pre-owned” handbags and accessories.
View of items for sale at The RealReal/Chrysalis Charity Benefit in Beverly Hills, California.
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Concierges thrive as their realm expands into everyday life tasks

Jan 16, 2019
From luxury hotels to your own everyday life and even apps, concierges are everywhere.
A concierge takes a call at Lutetia Hotel in Paris.
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Realtors turn to social media to market luxury real estate

Nov 8, 2018
The latest Instagram "influencers": Houses.
A beachfront "Instapenthouse."
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Amazon is trimming some profit off high-end salons

Sep 28, 2017
Hair products once sold only in salons are now offered online. Salons are relying on customer relationships to sell the merchandise.
Companies used to sell their high-end hair care products only in salons and stores. But they found their products were being sold online, whether they wanted them to be or not.  
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For public good, not for profit.

The high-volume, high-speed world of online luxury sales

Nov 29, 2016
One company plays a huge role in helping high-end boutiques sell online.
Shoppers walk past the window of a designer clothes shop on Old Bond Street on November 22, 2008, in London.
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Luxury retailers facing slowing growth

Oct 12, 2015
What to do if your sales aren't what they used to be?

China's luxury buyers are an endangered species

Aug 26, 2015
Market turmoil could hit makers of high-end products particularly hard.