LIBOR interest rate to be phased out

Jul 27, 2017
Britain’s main financial regulator said today that a key benchmark interest rate will be phased out by the end of 2021. LIBOR, the London Interbank Offered Rate, was badly damaged a few years ago in a multibillion dollar rate-rigging scandal. The Brits hope a new benchmark, called SONIA — the Sterling Over Night Index Average — will take […]

Bank of England involved in Libor scandal, reports the BBC

Apr 10, 2017
The BBC has obtained a secret recording that links the bank to Libor rigging.
Carl Court/AFP/GettyImages

'The world's most important number' and the man who manipulated it

Mar 21, 2017
LIBOR is the interest rate that sets other interest rates. 'The Spider Network' tells how a British banker nudged it to make a lot of money.
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Global currency traders may be fixing the '4 p.m. Fix'

Jan 30, 2014
Currency traders are suspected of using a little known number called the "4 p.m. Fix" to manipulate one of the world's largest markets.

Banks crack down on multitrader chatrooms

Dec 18, 2013
JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are prohibiting the use of some chat rooms amid ongoing investigations of currency manipulation. The move comes after UBS’s investment banking arm did the same last month.
JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, and UBS are cracking down on traders using the chat feature on their Bloomberg terminals, like the one above.
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Wall Street Journal battles for freedom of the press in Britain

Oct 18, 2013
The British government is trying to prohibit The Wall Street Journal from publishing the names of trades implicated in the LIBOR scandal.

Everything you need to know about LIBOR but were afraid to ask

Jul 9, 2013
LIBOR is back in the headlines. How does today's news impact me?

For public good, not for profit.

LIBOR gets a new shepherd

Jul 9, 2013
The contract to run the London Interbank Offered Rate or LIBOR -- one of the key benchmarks in the global financial system -- has been awarded to NYSE Euronext.

Another market manipulation scandal? Traders said to rig currency exchange rates

Jun 12, 2013
First there was the rigging of the interest rate known as LIBOR. Now there may be collusion on currency exchange rates.