Stonewall 50

The evolution of Pride in Southern California

Jun 27, 2019
West Hollywood and Compton have established their own versions of Pride.
Performers onstage during the Vogue Ball LA Pride 2019 on June 07, 2019 in West Hollywood, California.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

While challenges remain for transgender jobseekers, more businesses are reaching out to the trans community

Jun 8, 2018
Looking for a job can be difficult for anyone, but for transgender people, it can be especially tough.
At a recent “Transgender Job Fair” hosted by Cleveland’s Metro Health hospital, the organizers gave away buttons that participants could use to indicate their gender pronouns.
Adrian Ma for Marketplace

Colombia's LGBT community may not be benefiting fully from reparations system

Feb 26, 2018
As victims of violent civil conflict come forward, some say members of the LGBT community are being left behind.
Quibdó, the capital of the rural department of Chocó, in Colombia, has the highest number of internally displaced people from the violence of the country's long civil war.
Sarah Barrett

Should the governments give LGBT-owned businesses a leg up in public contracts?

Jan 29, 2018
There’s a growing push to add LGBT-owned businesses to the list of groups that are given special treatment for government work.
Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images

Do LGBT conservatives still have faith that Trump will protect workers' rights?

Aug 1, 2017
After asking LGBT voters for support in 2016, Trump administration withdraws support for expansion of Civil Rights protections.
Then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds an LGBT rainbow flag given to him by supporter Max Nowak during a campaign rally in Greeley, Colorado.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

LGBTQ advocates ask why questions left off Census survey

Jul 10, 2017
Gay rights advocates say questions about sexual orientation and gender identity would connect the LGBTQ community to all the rich data of the census.
Gay, lesbian and transgender activists react to the unanimous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court recognizing same sex marriage as a civil right during a celebration on April 2009 at the University of Iowa.
David Greedy/Getty Images

Niche in elder care: assisted living for LGBT seniors

Sep 12, 2016
As boomers get older, LGBT seniors look for communities where they can live openly.
The dining room at Stonewall Gardens.
Lisa Napoli

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Secretary of the Future

What should the bathroom of the future look like?

Aug 31, 2016
We asked for your help designing the bathroom of the future.
Micah Bazant for Marketplace

Feds tell North Carolina its bathroom law violates civil rights

May 5, 2016
If the state doesn’t agree, it could lose federal funding.
North Carolina will have to refrain from enforcing its new public bathroom law or face losing federal funding.

North Carolina law draws fire from tech companies

Apr 6, 2016
The bottom line and corporate values intertwine in broad opposition to several laws.

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