Why job openings data might not mean what we think it means

Oct 17, 2022
JOLTS numbers can tell us about demand for workers. But the data doesn't say how hard employers are trying to hire somebody.
The Labor Department’s JOLTS report asks employers whether they’re “taking steps to fill a position.” But that can mean a lot of different things.
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There are fewer job openings in the U.S. That could be a sign that the Fed's rate hikes are working.

Oct 4, 2022
There's less demand for workers in retail and many service sectors.
JOLTS numbers show job openings particularly shrank in the retail sector.
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Job openings rise unexpectedly. Is that a big deal?

Aug 30, 2022
It pushes back on the idea that the economy is slowing. But the number of workers who quit, were hired or were laid off didn’t change much.
According to the July JOLTS report, open positions increased to 11.2 million.
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Most workers who switched jobs earned more, Pew study finds

Jul 28, 2022
Even when adjusted for inflation, 60% percent of workers who changed jobs earned more in their new roles.  
Pay is a highly visible reason people leave one job for another.
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Is the "Great Resignation" actually normal for the labor market?

Apr 5, 2022
Bart Hobijn of the San Francisco Fed finds that during fast recoveries, workers often leave companies to join other companies.
Companies in industries like food and retail are rehiring after pandemic layoffs, attracting workers from other employers. That drives up the quits rate, says Bart Hobijn of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
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4.2 million people quit their jobs in October

Dec 8, 2021
That was down slightly from September, but still high. Some say watch that figure to know what will happen to the economy in 2022.
According to the latest JOLTS report, the accommodation and food services sector had the largest increase in job openings.
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Why are people still leaving their jobs as the pandemic continues?

Dec 8, 2021
Workers are making their physical and mental health a priority.
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For public good, not for profit.

A record number of job openings, but only so-so on the hiring front

Sep 8, 2021
In some sectors, there aren’t enough job openings, like in construction, education and the arts. And in others, there are too many, like food servic
The number of hires has plateaued.
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Nearly two job seekers for every job: What it's like to look for work now

Nov 10, 2020
The unemployment rate is down, and more people are returning to the labor force. But finding a job isn't easy.
A woman closes up a liquor store in Seattle in July. Job searchers are having a hard time finding work during the pandemic.
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Quits rate shows workers ready to jump ship

Oct 9, 2019
Voluntary quitting is at an 18-year high.
A "now hiring" sign is posted on a table during a career fair for veterans in San Francisco, California.
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