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March jobs report shows more signs of cooling labor market

May 2, 2023
The number of openings decreased for the third straight month in March, but it’s still historically high.
While there were still nearly 9.6 million job openings in March, that's the third straight month of decreases.
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Job openings fall as the labor market slows

Apr 5, 2023
Job openings fell by more than 1.3 million in January and February, according to fresh data, but are above pre-pandemic levels.
Employers added fewer jobs than expected in February, according to data from the Department of Labor, but openings remain above pre-pandemic levels.
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Job openings fall in a possible sign of the elusive "soft landing"

Apr 4, 2023
Fewer job openings in normal times might be not great news, but right now, it is — cautiously speaking — a good sign. 
Workers moving into jobs in hotels and restaurants could be a sign that the economy is rebalancing.
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The job market cooled in January — that's what the Fed's been hoping for

Mar 8, 2023
There are fewer job openings and fewer people are quitting jobs — signs that the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes are working as intended.
Job openings fell about 49% in construction, according to the recent JOLTS report. There were also fewer openings in accommodation and food services, and in finance and insurance.
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The impact of survey fatigue on key economic indicators

Mar 7, 2023
Response rates to The Bureau of Labor Statistics' JOLTS report are continuing to waver according to Bloomberg reporter, Reade Pickert.
Survey fatigue is impacting response rates to important economic data surveys.
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As the job market cools, "job churn" is leveling off from historic pandemic highs

Feb 1, 2023
The more people switch jobs, the better the odds anybody can find a better one.
The number of job openings increased in December. But the rates at which people quit their jobs – and at which companies hire – have been stagnating over the last few months.
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Why job openings data might not mean what we think it means

Oct 17, 2022
JOLTS numbers can tell us about demand for workers. But the data doesn't say how hard employers are trying to hire somebody.
The Labor Department’s JOLTS report asks employers whether they’re “taking steps to fill a position.” But that can mean a lot of different things.
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For public good, not for profit.

There are fewer job openings in the U.S. That could be a sign that the Fed's rate hikes are working.

Oct 4, 2022
There's less demand for workers in retail and many service sectors.
JOLTS numbers show job openings particularly shrank in the retail sector.
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Job openings rise unexpectedly. Is that a big deal?

Aug 30, 2022
It pushes back on the idea that the economy is slowing. But the number of workers who quit, were hired or were laid off didn’t change much.
According to the July JOLTS report, open positions increased to 11.2 million.
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Most workers who switched jobs earned more, Pew study finds

Jul 28, 2022
Even when adjusted for inflation, 60% percent of workers who changed jobs earned more in their new roles.  
Pay is a highly visible reason people leave one job for another.
pcess609/Getty Images