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What do bank earnings tell us about the economy?

Apr 11, 2024
Over the next week, six major banks will be reporting their earnings. Higher interest rates could affect both sides of their balance sheets.
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When will rates go down? The answer rests on conflicting economic data.

Apr 4, 2024
The numbers are sending positive and negative signs, making the future of inflation, and the timing of Fed interest rate cuts, uncertain.
The numbers paint a mixed picture of the economy, so Federal Reserve officials seem to be waiting for clarity.
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What does the Fed mean when it says it's looking for 'good data'?

Mar 28, 2024
The latest Personal Consumption Expenditures index, or PCE, will be released Friday. Experts say there are other clues the Fed is looking for, too.
Basically, the Fed needs to feel the way it felt at the end of 2023 when inflation had been falling for half a year, says former Minneapolis Fed President Narayana Kocherlakota.
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More housing stock means the market may be shifting in favor of buyers

Mar 18, 2024
New home listings hit a 17-month high in February, and as more sellers sell, housing prices could flatten, says Conor Sen at Bloomberg Opinion.
"We're seeing inventory really grow off the very low levels of last year," says Bloomberg's Conor Sen. "And in a market that's very undersupplied, that's becoming a meaningful amount of inventory."
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Lower mortgage rates open the door for homebuilders

Jan 25, 2024
Some builders are starting to see more interest from buyers, including those who spent 2023 on the sidelines, waiting for better rates.
"It feels like there’s some pent-up demand," for homebuilding, says Clint Mitchell of Estridge Homes in Indianapolis. Above, home construction in Vermont.
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The housing sector is coming out of the doldrums. But will it keep improving through 2024?

Dec 20, 2023
We jumped into the Marketplace time machine to ask some experts how things look from next December.
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Atlanta Fed president: "This economy has even exceeded my expectations of resilience"

Dec 15, 2023
"Wage growth now is greater than inflation," Bostic says. "But I don't think people feel like they've caught up all the way and that's just going to take some time."
In the fight to bring down inflation, Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic emphasizes being  "patient, cautious and resolute."
Courtesy Atlanta Federal Reserve

For public good, not for profit.

For some business owners, higher interest rates are a non-issue

Dec 4, 2023
The Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates for almost two years now, affecting virtually everyt;hing in the economy. But some businesses have been relatively insulated from rate hikes.
Bryan Hughes, owner of a snake removal and relocation service in Arizona, says his business isn't sensitive to how the broader economy is doing. "Our customers are largely driven by behavior of the animals," he said.
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With many homebuyers priced out, builders try to sweeten the deal

Oct 25, 2023
A lot of homebuilders are working with lenders to offer lower mortgage rates — or they're offering other incentives like money towards closing costs.
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