The Twinkie revival: Hostess’ long road to going public

Nov 7, 2016
The once beleaguered snack cake maker is trying to make its comeback. How did it get here?
A stack of boxes of Twinkies, Hostess' most popular product, sits on a grocery store shelf. Hostess went public today, after years of financial strife and transformation.

The rise, fall, and rise again of the Twinkie

May 4, 2015
Handling the Twinkie empire hasn't been a piece of cake.
The golden spongecake is making a comeback. 
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Twinkies: Brought to you by private equity

Nov 12, 2014
How a private-equity firm turned around Hostess and saved the iconic snack.

Twinkies are back: And last longer?

Jul 9, 2013
Twinkie is back in business after a big slim down — cheaper wages, fewer benefits, and other cost-cutting measures.

Hostess is gone, but Twinkies are back

Mar 12, 2013
Two private equity firms confirmed today they're the winning bidders in the Hostess bankruptcy auction.

Hostess closes, liquidators poised to move in

Nov 21, 2012
Hostess, maker of Twinkies, won court approval to wind down. Who will sell of its brands and factories? Companies called liquidators.

Last call for Twinkie? Hostess fails to reach agreement with union

Nov 21, 2012
Last-ditch talks to save the Hostess company from liquidation have failed. The Twinkie maker will likely begin the (legal) winding down process to shut everything down and sell off remaining brands and assets.

For public good, not for profit.

Hostess, unions planning mediation to avoid liquidation

Nov 20, 2012
Hostess Brands may not be dead after all. The company's management and workers will be back at the bargaining table one last time today to try and avoid liquidating the company. A private mediation will take place behind closed doors.

Twinkies fans rejoice, Hostess to go into mediation

Nov 19, 2012
Hostess will hold talks with its bakery workers union to try to avoid the company being shut down. Bad news for people who may have bid thousands of dollars on Twinkies.

Is Mexican company Bimbo eyeing Hostess?

Nov 19, 2012
Attention Twinkies lovers! All is not lost. Parent company Hostess begins its liquidation process, and one rumored buyer is a global bakery conglomerate from Mexico.