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Amid the voracious spending, some holiday shoppers will have to trade down this year.
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Retail group predicts record holiday spending

Nov 3, 2023
The National Retail Federation predicts at least $957 billion in sales this holiday season. But that might not mean everyone is splurging.
Prices for goods are up nearly 1% from a year ago, according to the latest PCE price index.
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We're probably gonna spend more this holiday season

Oct 17, 2022
Inflation won't make us spend less this holiday season, according to predictions. But it may mean we get less.
Consumers are expected to spend more than they did last year on holiday shopping.
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How 4 families are adjusting their budgets for the holiday season

Dec 21, 2021
Many Americans are in better financial condition this year but remain cautious, says Wall Street Journal reporter Veronica Dagher.
For many Americans during the holidays this year, there can be a disconnect between how they are doing financially and how they feel about the economy or how freely they spend.
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Slow sales shed light on how jewelers make money via financing

Jan 17, 2019
Signet Jewelers, the company behind Kay Jewelers, Jared and Zales, is reporting weak holiday sales figures. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

Feeling pressured? Americans pushed to overspend this holiday season

Nov 20, 2018
New survey finds nearly half of Americans feel pressured to overspend on gifts.
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Consumer sentiment under the holiday microscope

Nov 13, 2015
Will consumers spend more this season?

For public good, not for profit.

Thanksgiving Thursday: The new Black Friday

Nov 14, 2013
Marketplace Money's Carmen Wong Ulrich talks about stores opening earlier than ever for the holiday shopping season.

Rich plan to spend $2,175 on gifts this holiday season

Oct 30, 2013
A study from the American Affluence Research Center finds that families with a net worth of $800,000 or more think the economy's doing great.