In time for National HIV Testing Day, progress made on prevention

Jun 28, 2019
A new recommendation makes PrEP, a drug that helps prevent the spread of HIV, free for many more Americans
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The cost of preventing the spread of HIV? Upwards of $1,600 a month

Feb 5, 2019
President Trump is expected to call for an end to HIV transmission by 2030. The drug known as PrEP may be key.
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and AIDS patients march to protest budget cuts to AIDS services proposed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on June 5, 2009 in Hollywood, California. 
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The first HIV/AIDS drug was fast-tracked 30 years ago. Some lament that process.

Mar 20, 2017
It was 30 years ago this week that the Food and Drug Administration approved the first  treatment for HIV/AIDS, the drug AZT. At a time when the number of AIDS-related deaths was skyrocketing, AZT was rushed into the approval process. But some of the early advocates of the drug’s fast-tracking ended up lamenting that process. […]

Complaint alleges discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients

Sep 6, 2016
Large insurers discourage high-cost patients, lawsuit says.
A lawsuit filed by the Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation alleges that some insurers are refusing to cover high-priced medications for HIV/AIDS patients.

More drama in prescription drug pricing

Dec 1, 2015
A firm hiked the price of a drug 50-fold, and now there's new generic competition.

Striving to get to 'HIV zero'

Jan 22, 2015
Washington, D.C., and other cities are making inroads against spread of HIV/AIDS.

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The costs of living with HIV: One man's story

Mar 8, 2013
How does living with a disease like HIV affect one's financial choices?

FDA approves at-home HIV test

Jul 4, 2012
But some worry the cost could scare away people most at risk of infection.