Summer EBT will help families buy groceries. But 14 states are opting out.

Apr 12, 2024
Administrative costs and a lack of political will are leading some states to turn down a new food aid program for children.
While $40 per child per month may not solve child food insecurity, it could help families that struggle with grocery costs.
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Is the U.S. food safety system really all that safe?

Mar 19, 2024
The Food and Drug Administration oversees about 80% of our food supply, and facility inspections are few and far between.
Trader Joe's is known for eclectic products sourced from smaller producers. Landman says these smaller producers may not have as high quality assurance standards at their facilities, resulting in more recalls.
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Low inflation doesn't relieve pain of high prices

Feb 15, 2024
Consumers' inflation expectations are falling. But they say the high prices imposed by inflation are still eroding living standards.
A Little Griddle eatery in Portland, Oregon, where co-owner Judd Harris has struggled to balance the prices he pays for supplies with the prices he charges customers.
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The little black lines that could: The barcode and its staying power

Jan 23, 2024
"Part of the reason they've succeeded this long is that they work fine," says Jordan Frith, a Clemson professor and author of "Barcode."
Barcodes are scanned billions of times a day, says Jordan Frith, a Clemson University professor.
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Grocery prices rose 1.3% in the past year. How are shoppers feeling it?

Jan 11, 2024
Here's how some families are trying to economize when it comes to the food they buy to make at home.
With grocery prices up, families are finding ways to economize on the food they buy at the store.
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For public good, not for profit.

Members-only retailers are a status symbol in China

Sep 18, 2023
While regular supermarkets are struggling in China, aspirational consumers keep Sam’s Club, Costco and its Chinese competitor Freshippo X expanding.
A shopper walks out with a full shopping cart from a Sam's Club in Shanghai. Membership retailers are expanding in China despite traditional supermarkets struggling.
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Why do some states still have a grocery tax?

Sep 6, 2023
The poorest Americans spend the largest share of their paychecks on food at home.
Across the U.S., state grocery taxes can range from less than 1% to 7% on non-prepared foods.
Elijah Nouvelage

Why the market for expensive pasta sauce is expected to grow

Aug 8, 2023
The Campbell Soup Company is acquiring Sovos Brands, maker of Rao’s pasta sauce. It’s pricey, but with the economic future iffy, more people may decide to trade eating out for buying premium ingredients at home.
Campbell CEO argues that while Rao's sauce might seem expensive, it's affordable compared to going out to eat.
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