What's really behind concerns about government overspending?

The current debt ceiling fight reflects old concerns about government debt, says economist Michael Boskin.
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, above, is a player in the debt ceiling issue. Economist Michael Boskin, who led the Council of Economic Advisers under the first President Bush, says the current debt battle reflects concerns about excessive government spending.
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Does austerity have a hidden agenda?

Feb 8, 2023
A new book explores the historical relationship between austerity, the labor force, and fascism.
Pensioners march in Athens in 2018 during a demonstration to demand the return of pension funds lost as part of austerity measures. Clara Mattei, author of "The Capital Order," argues  that austerity reflects a deeper history of labor force suppression.
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Even with a vaccine, global economic recovery will be starkly uneven — OECD

Dec 1, 2020
OECD chief economist Laurence Boone says governments must double down on providing support to avoid "scarring effects."
OECD chief economist Laurence Boone says children whose schooling has been affected by COVID-19 are among those likely to be "scarred" long-term.
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What's behind the national debt?

Jun 17, 2020
We look into how the government borrows money and what it means in the long run.
Then-Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testifies before the House Financial Services Committee in 2016. The national debt has since passed $26 trillion.
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Fed to buy unlimited government debt and lend to businesses

Mar 23, 2020
The central bank’s all-out effort has now gone beyond even the extraordinary drive it made to rescue the economy from the 2008 financial crisis.
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell during a 2018 news conference.
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Yeah, it’s all about your parents’ retirement

Mar 30, 2017
We got some grim news from the Congressional Budget Office today. The CBO predicted that the budget deficit and government debt will more than triple during the next 30 years unless Congress and the White House change the laws on how much the country spends and takes in. A big part of the problem? The […]