Waiting for another inflation report, with concern

Aug 9, 2022
Wednesday the government will tell us how much prices changed year over year in July. Inflation was an alarming 9.1% in June.
While rising prices for services, like styling hair, worry economists, prices for some goods may be dipping.
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GDP dips by 0.9% in second quarter, but consumers are still spending

Jul 28, 2022
While consumers cut back on goods spending, spending on services jumped.
While consumer spending on goods dropped in the second quarter, services spending jumped.
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We're saving less. Will we spend less?

Jun 14, 2022
After reaching a record high of nearly 34% early in the pandemic, the savings rate has dipped below its pre-pandemic level.
Travelers board a train in Washington, D.C. Partially fueled by pent-up demand for services, consumers are spending down their savings.
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Consumers are spending on services again as the pandemic shopping spree for goods cools

May 31, 2022
People want to get outside and do stuff, not just buy stuff. That's reflected in surging travel bookings — and airfare.
Consumers are still spending on big-ticket, durable goods like furniture. But now demand for services is picking up again.
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Consumers have shifted spending away from goods and toward services

May 26, 2022
But they'll shift back when goods they want — like cars — become available.
Now that they're out of the house, consumers are spending money on things like travel and dining out — despite their rising costs.
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Retailers bulked up their inventories during the worst of the pandemic. Now they're stuck with them.

May 19, 2022
Big stores like Walmart and Target didn't foresee consumers pivoting away from shopping and toward going out.
Large retailers like Target and Walmart stocked up on goods — like office furniture or home decor — that shoppers bought during the pandemic. But consumers' spending habits are changing.
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Will inflated prices come back down? Mostly no.

Feb 8, 2022
When conditions leading to inflation ease, don't get your hopes up that prices will go the other way.
The prices of things that tend to be volatile, like energy, may dip when the factors that cause inflation ease. But goods like clothing or home appliances? Probably not so much.
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Rising commodity prices suggest more inflation is on the way

Feb 2, 2022
The cost of commodities has gone way up, and spendy raw materials suggest more inflation in 2022.
The rising cost of commodities, like coffee and soybeans, indicate that inflation will stick around.
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The U.S. economy tries to find its happy place

Jan 5, 2022
IHS Markit's Purchasing Managers' Indexes for services and manufacturing are a mixed bag.
Observers have attributed freight trains' service shortfalls to both pandemic-related stresses and cost-cutting to please investors.
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Where is consumer spending headed with omicron in the picture?

Dec 24, 2021
Manufacturers say they're still optimistic that demand will be there for goods they make. But consumers may start to pull back spending on services.
One likely reason that spending slowed in November? People wanted to get a jump on holiday shopping in anticipation of supply chain issues.
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