Global trade in goods seems set to pick up, WTO says

Nov 27, 2023
Demand for electric vehicles is a big driver of the revival.
Trade in auto parts and electronic components have picked up, the World Trade Organization says.
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Despite rising interest rates, consumers increased their spending in July

Aug 31, 2023
But what they're spending their money on is shifting.
Despite climbing interest rates, consumers spent .9% more on goods in July than in June.
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The U.S. may still avoid a recession, retail sales indicate

Jul 18, 2023
Retail sales were soft but not terrible in June. More importantly they are at least keeping up with inflation, and don't foreshadow a recession.
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April retail sales data add confusion to an already confusing economy

May 16, 2023
Between the pandemic and its economic ripple effects, the consumer experience has been a wild ride.
While consumers are cutting back on buying big-ticket items like appliances, there’s still pent-up demand for services.
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Spending on services is starting to taper off, U.S. data indicates

Jan 27, 2023
Until recently, consumers had been spending less on goods and more on services. That's changing. Here's what it could mean for inflation.
While consumer appetite to travel remains strong, more people are opting to drive rather than fly.
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As Americans spend on experiences, inflation declines for goods and rises for services

Dec 23, 2022
It's a tale of two inflations: goods versus services.
After the heights of the pandemic, Americans decided to gorge in-person activities like dining out.
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With warehouses full, retailers look to store goods outside

Nov 16, 2022
The “industrial outdoor storage” industry has been booming during the pandemic, as retailers try to find creative places to park their goods — literally.
With warehouse space in high demand, some retailers look to facilities with larger parking lots to store goods outdoors.
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For public good, not for profit.

Waiting for another inflation report, with concern

Aug 9, 2022
Wednesday the government will tell us how much prices changed year over year in July. Inflation was an alarming 9.1% in June.
While rising prices for services, like styling hair, worry economists, prices for some goods may be dipping.
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GDP dips by 0.9% in second quarter, but consumers are still spending

Jul 28, 2022
While consumers cut back on goods spending, spending on services jumped.
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We're saving less. Will we spend less?

Jun 14, 2022
After reaching a record high of nearly 34% early in the pandemic, the savings rate has dipped below its pre-pandemic level.
Travelers board a train in Washington, D.C. Partially fueled by pent-up demand for services, consumers are spending down their savings.
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