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Communities were sometimes winners in the Numbers gambling game

May 13, 2024
The illegal game has similarities with a state lottery. For many Black residents of Detroit, it represented an opportunity.
In Detroit, Numbers men — who ran an underground gambling game — were known for funding legal Black-owned businesses and social services.
Illustration: Dylan Miettinen/Marketplace | Vintage Postcard: Yesterdays-Papers/DeviantArt

Can Macao — the "Las Vegas of the East" — move beyond gambling?

May 8, 2024
China wants to transform Macao, known as the "Las Vegas of the East," into a real Vegas that relies more on entertainment and tourism, and less on gambling for its revenues. 
Chinese tourists take photos outside Macao's Londoner Casino in October 2023.
Peter Parks/AFP via Getty Images

Arcade chain Dave & Buster’s to let adult customers place a friendly bet on its games

May 1, 2024
We learned this week that Dave & Buster's will let its customers use its app to compete against each other.
Dave & Buster’s new gaming platform is not technically gambling, but rather skills-based gaming, which is more lightly regulated and taxed than gambling on games of chance.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Online sports betting operators form organization to promote responsible gambling

Mar 28, 2024
Sports betting has had a surge of popularity in the U.S., even as star athletes have been implicated in gambling scandals.
Seven of the largest U.S. sportsbooks, including DraftKings, are forming the Responsible Online Gaming Association to share best practices for sports betting.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sports betting is booming. So are calls to gambling addiction helplines.

Jan 23, 2024
Some advocates are calling for federal support to treat gambling addiction — and to enact limits on wagering apps.
Some fear an expansion of online sports betting is fueling gambling addiction.
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In sale of Mavericks, Mark Cuban pushes for legalized gambling in Texas

Dec 5, 2023
The Texas legislature has kept sports betting illegal for now, but there's a massive amount of revenue to be made in the state.
Mark Cuban has expressed interest in a new stadium and casino in Dallas — but gambling is still illegal in Texas.
Lisa O'Connor/AFP via Getty Images

Brick-and-mortar casinos set another quarterly revenue record

May 18, 2023
Sports wagering revenue is also up 70%, a sign of the gambling industry's strength.
The roulette wheel spins at Caesars Atlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The gambling industry raked in record profits last quarter, according to new data.
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

California voters will soon weigh in on sports betting

Nov 1, 2022
Several tribes are asking voters to pass a measure that would allow sports gambling on tribal lands and race tracks. Opponents say it could hurt card rooms.
The Gardens Casino is the economic engine of the city of Hawaiian Gardens in Los Angeles County. Some cities that rely on card room revenue are opposed to proposition 26.
Megan Jamerson

Tax revenue vs. temptation: Legalized online sports betting creates a dilemma for problem gamblers

Sep 6, 2022
Where mobile betting is legal, it accounts for 90% of all wagers, one expert says. Do the pros outweigh the cons?
“Americans have always bet on sports," says John Holden of Oklahoma State University.
Roslan Rahman/AFP via Getty Images

The tribal gaming industry is bouncing back after pandemic closures

Aug 11, 2022
Tribal casinos brought in a record $39 billion in 2021, a 40% increase from 2020. That will pay for government operations and social services in tribal communities.
Fresh demand for recreation and gaming, pent up during the pandemic, has helped casinos rebound.
Mario Tama/Getty Images