AI might not take your job after all

Jan 22, 2024
MIT researchers estimate that artificial intelligence would be cost-effective in less than a quarter of the work it could technically do.
Nvidia, a chipmaker with sought-after AI products, has done well on Wall Street, but that doesn't mean AI will steal all our jobs. Above, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.
I-Hwa Cheng / AFP via Getty Images

Some employers are using software to remotely monitor worker productivity

Jodi Kantor from The New York Times describes how companies are increasingly using new software tools to evaluate how hard their employees are working.
A new report from The New York Times delves into increasingly common monitoring software used to track employee productivity.
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"The future of work is flexibility." Discuss.

May 6, 2021
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai used the phrase when announcing Google's move to a hybrid workweek.
"Quiet quitting" is the latest pandemic-driven workplace debate that points to burnout as a cause of decreased engagement and productivity.
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Workers are welcoming AI in the office

Oct 16, 2019
Robots could be coming to take our jobs, but maybe the ones we don't want to do anyway.
AI could be used for menial tasks, like budgeting or scheduling.
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