Why grocery stores want to be the new community meeting place

Jun 12, 2024
People are coming back to brick-and-mortar supermarkets after a spike in grocery delivery early in the pandemic, industry insiders say.
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What's all the buzz about decaf coffee?

Jun 7, 2024
With advances in the decaffeination process and the use of better beans, coffee lovers are giving decaf another shot.
A coffee maker from Houston won the U.S. Brewers Cup, "but he won it with decaf, which is kind of like winning the Tour de France on a unicycle," says reporter Matt Kronsberg.
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From school cafeterias to professional athletes, Uncrustables sandwiches are everywhere

The iconic Uncrustables sandwich is about to become a billion-dollar business after garnering attention from a range of new audiences.
Smucker's purchased the Uncrustables brand from two dads in the Midwest in 1998.
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As Red Lobster files for bankruptcy, changing tastes take a toll on its casual-dining competitors

May 20, 2024
The sector hasn't really recovered from the pandemic closures of their dining rooms, when "they lost their core business model."
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The WIC family food program is getting a refresh, but requirements are still tough to navigate

Apr 23, 2024
The nutrition program is restrictive by design, but updates to the food package are giving parents and kids more options.
For the first time in a decade, the WIC program's food package is being updated. Recipients will have more money to buy fruits and vegetables and more options for whole grains, dairy and dairy substitutes.
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Why U.S. agricultural exports are down almost 20% from last year

Sep 29, 2023
In August, agricultural exports were about 20% lower than the same time a year ago, according to the Commerce Department. That's because export volumes have fallen, and ag prices are coming off of recent highs.
"We have soybean exports down, corn exports are down, wheat exports are down," said Naomi Blohm, senior market advisor with Total Farm Marketing.
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How the orange egg yolk trend was hatched

Sep 22, 2023
With eggs a more costly commodity, yolks of a richer color have come to signify luxury, writer Marian Bull observes.
Richer-hued yolks are a feast for the eyes to some. They may also signify luxury and "almost purity," says writer Marian Bull.
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For public good, not for profit.

Olive oil prices climb amid drought, heat in Mediterranean

Sep 19, 2023
Weather extremes have threatened global olive oil supplies for the second year as the appetite for EVOO grows in the U.S.
Unfavorable conditions in growing regions have driven up olive oil prices in the U.S. and may open opportunities for American agriculture.
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Fish tacos for about $1?

Sep 13, 2023
El Pueblo Mexican Food, a family-owned restaurant chain in San Diego, California, is bucking price trends.
A customer waits to order food at El Pueblo’s roadside taco stand in Cardiff, San Diego.
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Food assistance funds for mothers and children are up for debate in Congress

Sep 6, 2023
While the White House is asking for more money for the Women, Infants, and Children program, a House bill would reduce WIC funds.
In addition to determining overall WIC funding, Congress has to decide whether to renew a boost in funds recipients can spend on fruits and vegetables.
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