A former floral delivery driver looks in the rearview mirror

Jul 19, 2024
Meghan Irby mapped her routes the old-fashioned way before navigation software was a thing. Her boss "used chickens as a landmark."
Meghan Irby circa 2004, when she worked as a floral delivery driver in rural West Virginia. "I was sweaty most of the time, both from the heat and the stress,” she recalls.
Courtesy Irby

Admins' Day is a pandemic bright spot for this florist

Apr 20, 2021
Last year, a busy Administrative Professionals' Day assured florist Miles Johnson that his business would survive the pandemic.
"When the new post-pandemic order settles in, we'll definitely be back and having more weddings and events," said Miles Johnson, owner of Fiori Floral Design.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Brexit wilts flower trade for one of Holland’s biggest buyers

Mar 29, 2019
Related uncertainty has shaken the flower trade between the U.K. and Holland.
Victoria Craig/Marketplace

Instagram florists are changing the $7 billion industry

Mar 31, 2017
The modern bouquet is lush and wild, and it's also influencing the market.
"The contemporary florists have kind of opened up the vocabulary of what you can put into a flower arrangement," Deborah Needleman says.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images