Infrastructure plan targets lead pipe hazards

May 27, 2022
Experts say efforts to replace the potentially harmful piping grids are not moving fast enough.
Workers in Flint Michigan replace a lead water service line in March 2016.  The federal infrastructure law provides $15 billion to remove lead service lines, but experts say that's still not enough.
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Looking back at the Flint water crisis, eight years on

Apr 27, 2022
A 2017 report found that systemic racism played a role in the crisis that exposed thousands of Flint, Michigan residents to lead in their water supply.
Flint, Michigan has become synonymous with the water crisis that exposed thousands of residents to lead.
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The city of Flint is broke, but its water system still needs expensive repairs

Jun 14, 2017
A half-dozen Michigan state officials now face criminal charges for their role in the Flint water crisis. The state cut subsidies for Flint water in March, leaving residents to pay for their water at one of the highest rates in the country. Though the city’s water now meets federal quality standards for lead and copper, […]

Flint residents are furious as discounted water bills end

Mar 2, 2017
Widespread lead contamination devastated Flint, Michigan. Since then, residents have been getting discounted water bills. But as of March 1, those discounts end as officials say the water is safe to use. That’s despite recommendations that residents keep filtering their water as pipes are repaired. The announcement has many in the stricken city furious.  Click […]

Small community is one of many grappling with big water problems

Feb 22, 2017
In Kettleman City, California, where arsenic contaminates groundwater, the state supplies every home with bottled water.
Kettleman City, California, is between Los Angeles and Sacramento. The state supplies residents with bottled water because tests showed high levels of arsenic in the drinking water.
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As Trump vows to cut regulation, Flint’s residents sue EPA for $772 million

Feb 2, 2017
About 1,700 residents of Flint, Michigan, are suing the Environmental Protection Agency for $772 million for allegedly mishandling the massive lead contamination in the city’s drinking water. This comes at the same time that the Trump administration is carrying through on promises to limit the EPA’s regulatory power. Will a weaker EPA allow for more […]

Flint isn't the only city with lead poisoning problems

Dec 19, 2016
A Reuters investigation found thousands of areas with higher lead levels.
Brysten Edwards, second from left sits with other boys on a wall ledge at the West Calumet Housing Complex on September 4, 2016 in East Chicago, Indiana. The soil at the complex has been found to contain high levels of lead and arsenic putting all residents in danger if exposed to the elements. Edwards was tested for lead poisoning and his results came back positive. Over 1,000 residents are being asked by the East Chicago Housing Authority to relocate, after plans were decided to demolish the housing complex.
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For public good, not for profit.

How Flint Schools are faring now

Sep 23, 2016
Superintendent Bilal Tawwab says there's still work to be done.
Flint schools still have to use bottled water.
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Help for Flint: Senate approves water funding bill

Sep 15, 2016
The bill includes more than $200 million in funding for the struggling city.
Flint resident Matt Hopper holds Nyla Hopper, 5, after she had her blood drawn to be tested for lead in January. Free lead screenings were performed for Flint children 6 and younger. >
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Flint's troubles mount as home prices fall 21 percent

May 4, 2016
The lead-contaminated water crisis appears to be scaring home buyers away, driving prices down sharply since early 2015.
A Flint sewer department flag marks where lead water lines are being replaced. Flint continues to work through the effects of water contamination.
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