The low-fee wars have no end in sight

by Justin Ho Oct 11, 2018
Management fees race to the bottom as investors embrace passive index funds.
George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

What’s the strategy behind Amazon’s decision to hike monthly Prime membership rates?

by Reema Khrais Jan 19, 2018
Amazon is raising its monthly Prime membership rate, from $10.99 to $12.99. But the annual membership cost is staying the same, at $99. So what’s the logic here? Is Amazon trying to push more people into becoming annual members? Might…

California counties stop charging fees for juvenile incarceration

by Myles Bess Nov 15, 2016
One survey found that young people who had fees imposed and fines imposed — especially large ones — were more likely to offend again.
Zoe Mathews was charged $7000 after her now-deceased son was incarcerated in Solano County, Calif.
Teresa Chin/Youth Radio

Your Wallet: Crazy transaction fees

by Marketplace Weekend Staff May 15, 2015
We dug into your hidden fees with consumer columnist David Lazarus.

In dry California, using price to police water use

by Sarah Gardner Oct 16, 2014
California cities don't like the word "rationing," but "pricing" can serve the same purpose.

Hotels jack up fees... and consumers continue to pay

by Sam Harnett Sep 4, 2014
As long as we keep coming back for the cheap rooms, fees won’t be going anywhere.

Your Wallet: Reading the fine print

by Marketplace Weekend Staff Jun 30, 2014
We're looking for stories when the fine print tripped you up.

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Affording the friendly skies: Avoiding airline fees

by Lindsay Thomas Feb 21, 2014
Booking your next vacation means dealing with airlines ... and their fees. After you spend a pretty penny on the ticket, there are all sorts of charges for extra comforts like an in-flight snack, a few extra inches of legroom…
Southwest Airlines.
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Raising the Debt Ceiling

A tax by any other name? A fee

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer Dec 5, 2013
A deal to avoid another government shutdown seems to be coalescing around increasing revenues -- but not taxes.

Airline fees reach for the sky

by David Gura Sep 12, 2013
Fees airlines charge for things like blankets and extra bags were up 20 percent last year from the year before. But a dollar doled out for a sandwich isn't always the same as the buck you spend on your seat.…

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