How well do you know the internet? This week's Silicon Tally

Aug 30, 2013
306,000 tweets per minute, 2 (think gaming), 11,000 requests, and 74 percent: Can you guess what these numbers mean?

FarmVille creator Zynga reports loss in second quarter

Jul 26, 2012
Yesterday after markets closed we got results from Zynga, the maker of Facebook games like FarmVille. And things ain't looking so good down on the farm.

Regulators eyeing pre-paid cards

May 25, 2012
Pre-paid cards seem like the responsible way to spend money -- just spend what you have -- but they're laden with hidden fees. With more users, regulators are taking a closer look at these cards.

Zynga gets ready for IPO

Dec 12, 2011
The company behind "FarmVille" and other online games could begin selling stock this week. And there's nothing virtual about it.

Google+ gets games

Aug 12, 2011
So, if you're one of the rubberneckers on Google+ wondering how to use it and how to have a hangout, here's an easy fix. You can just log in and...

Zynga going public

Jun 29, 2011
The casual game maker is preparing for an IPO this week. That's all the rage with tech companies these days after LinkedIn's recent offering and...

Hastings joins Facebook board

Jun 24, 2011
We don't tend to chase a whole lot of stories about bigshot executives in this particular memo or program but this one might be kind of significant...

For public good, not for profit.

Zynga to rope in whole new genus of nerd

Jun 1, 2011
The company behind Farmville and the totally screwed up addictive behavior commensurate with it has just launched a new game called Empires &...

Obama 2012 is all about Facebook: Chapter 2

Apr 6, 2011
The other day we brought you word that the Obama reelection campaign site was heavily tied to Facebook, with an app that lets you say "I'm In" on...