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Steve Henn

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2011 in review: The changes in Silicon Valley

Dec 30, 2011
The big corner-office changes this past year, and why your living room is the next, big battleground for tech giants like Apple and Google.

The economic divide in Silicon Valley

Dec 26, 2011
While some high-tech entrepreneurs are becoming billionaires in Silicon Valley, many of their neighbors outside of the tech community are struggling to find jobs and get by.

Taking your friends and followers to the bank

Dec 21, 2011
A bunch of new companies want to help you make money off your social networks.

Twitter gets royal treatment

Dec 19, 2011
Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is said to be acquiring a 3 percent stake in Twitter. The social network is growing fast in the Arab world.

Zynga gets ready for IPO

Dec 12, 2011
The company behind "FarmVille" and other online games could begin selling stock this week. And there's nothing virtual about it.

TV is the next consumer electronics battleground

Dec 6, 2011
As Microsoft revamps its Xbox to act as an interactive content-streaming device, other tech companies are also coming up with ways to reinvent the TV.

How the cost of college could be lowered

Dec 5, 2011
President Obama meets at the White House today with a small group of university and college presidents on how to reduce the cost of higher education. But the answers might have to come from the schools themselves.

Xbox adds new on-demand content

Dec 5, 2011
What on-demand video could mean the Xbox means for the future of TV and home entertainment.