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Middle-class housing crunch

Apr 4, 2007
Housing costs have risen so high in some cities that entire regions are out of reach for most first-time home buyers. And in those areas, it's becoming a slow drain for the economy as a whole.

Biogenerics on the slow road to market

Mar 27, 2007
Biologics are among the most expensive drugs in the world — in part because the government has never cleared a path to allow generic drugmakers to compete. That could soon change, but there are safety roadblocks ahead.

Charity loophole stays wide open

Feb 21, 2007
The new House rules are supposed to restrict privately-sponsored congressional getaways — but the rules don't apply if a charity's paying, and that means it could be on anyone's dime.

New rules don't cut off power trips

Feb 20, 2007
The House Ethics Committee is set to announce new rules on congressional travel. But Steve Henn reports some newly elected leaders started planning their latest trips before the ink was even dry.

A little-known change with a big effect

Jan 26, 2007
He's the executive. He gets to give the orders. Earlier this month President Bush issued an executive order that should make businesses pretty happy. Stephen Henn reports.

Power Trips, Part 3: The Big Fish

Jun 26, 2006
A new investigative report by Marketplace and American RadioWorks finds at least three US senators violated ethics rules by accepting expenses to attend annual Alaska charity fishing trips with energy lobbyists and other executives. Steve Henn reports.

Power Trips, Part 2: Who's paying

Jun 5, 2006
Our special report continues from San Diego — home to the biggest sponsor of Congressional staff travel, defense contractor General Atomics. Steve Henn reports.

Questionable trips for Congressional staff

Jun 5, 2006
A special Marketplace investigation reveals lobbyists have spent millions buying face time with Congressional staff members. Steve Henn reports.

Congressional travel — in a gray area

Oct 18, 2005
Tax law prohibits members of Congress from taking international trips paid for by private foundations. But Marketplace and Bob Williams from the Center for Public Integrity have learned California Republican Richard Pombo may have done just that. Click to hear — and read — Steve Henn's report.