Retail pharmacists walk out, citing overwork and understaffing

Nov 2, 2023
The walkout, called "pharmageddon" on social media, included pharmacists at CVS and Walgreens.
Most retail pharmacists don’t belong to a union, but these recent walkouts could lead to more interest in organizing, says Richard Dang, a professor of clinical pharmacy of USC.
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Rite Aid's bankruptcy reflects how much the corner drugstore has changed

Oct 16, 2023
Corporate mergers and competition from supermarkets, discount clubs and online startups — among other forces — have altered how pharmacies need to do business.
The pharmacy business has seen lots of change in the last few decades.
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Walgreens adds in-store weight loss clinics to gain store traffic

Oct 29, 2019
At the same time, the retailer's scaling back its in-store clinics.
People walk by a Walgreens store in San Francisco.
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Notice less candy around CVS cash registers? You're right

Sep 13, 2017
CVS wants to be known for improving health, so it's making subtle changes.
A display at CVS touting healthy snacks.
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Drugstores try to cure last-minute shopping angst

Dec 23, 2016
Rite Aid is trying to fill more than the medicine aisles this season.
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