The greenback challenges Donald Trump’s agenda

Mar 2, 2017
 The U.S. dollar is moving full steam ahead. It’s on its longest winning streak since May. That’s because investors like U.S. economic fundamentals and because they’re betting on an interest-rate hike by the Federal Reserve in March. But the rising…

Strong or weak? A hard call, when it comes to currency

Feb 8, 2017
The president isn't the only one looking for answers.

Surprise. China is not a currency manipulator

Dec 5, 2016
Donald Trump has repeatedly said the opposite. Here's why he's wrong.
A post office employee counts Chinese yuan at a post office branch set up inside Beijing's Great Hall of the People during the National People's Congress on March 7.

For Hertz, disappointing results reflect challenging times

Nov 8, 2016
The rental car business is running on E.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Strong dollar makes for weaker profits

Jan 27, 2016
Companies face obstacles with a rising dollar.
Yesterday, Apple reported the slowest iPhone earnings since 2007, which it partially blamed on the the strong dollar. 
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The role of the strong dollar in international trade

Dec 29, 2015
It makes American products more expensive abroad and may continue to for a while.

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Would dumping the Iran deal hurt the dollar?

Sep 2, 2015
The Obama administration says the US currency's dominance could be undermined.

2015, the year of the high U.S. dollar

Jul 1, 2015
What does that mean for companies doing business overseas?

Strong dollar lures Americans to Europe

Apr 14, 2015
With the dollar creeping up on the euro, Americans are finding bargains in Europe.