Sacrifice and sleep deprivation: Inside the lives of overnight caregivers

Aug 19, 2021
A new documentary explores the realities of nighttime child care and the families who rely on it.
A new documentary, "Through the Night," explores the realities of nighttime child care and the families who rely on it.
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The radical act of staying in Youngstown

Apr 6, 2021
Director Karla Murthy explains why she chose to follow residents of Youngstown, Ohio, and their work to revive the city.
Those who have chosen to stay and work to revive Youngstown are chronicled in the new "America ReFramed" documentary "The Place That Makes Us," directed by Karla Murthy.
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Errol Morris' new docuseries "Wormwood" was sold to Netflix as the "everything bagel"

Dec 14, 2017
It's a documentary. It's a period drama. It's a re-enactment. "It's my best something," the director says.
Director Errol Morris behind the camera on the set of "Wormwood."
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UFW activist Dolores Huerta's "riches to rags" story

Sep 13, 2017
The movement "became her No. 1" child, says Peter Bratt, who with Carlos Santana made a documentary about Huerta.
United Farm Workers leader Dolores Huerta organizing marchers on the second day of March Coachella in Coachella, California, in 1969.
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The allure of the $2 bill

Sep 16, 2016
A new documentary explores its history and its role today.
Do you like to use $2 bills? Or stash them away?

Black stuntmen and women still fighting

Jan 22, 2016
The Black Stuntmen’s Association has worked since the 60s to get jobs for African Americans.

For public good, not for profit.

Sea World celebrates 50 years amid animal care concerns

Mar 20, 2014
Despite “Blackfish,” SeaWorld generated more than $1 billion last year

What is the "American Promise"?

Oct 24, 2013
A new documentary film chronicles the journey of minority boys through a predominantly-white, private education system.