Why do so many companies incorporate in Delaware?

Feb 2, 2024
More than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 are incorporated in the First State, but Texas is gunning for a share of that.
The state flag of Delaware, where roughly two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated.
WilliamSherman/Getty Images

First-time candidates rush to staff up for the elections

Aug 28, 2018
With hundreds of first-time candidates on the ballot across the country this year, many are learning the ropes of campaigning as they go.
Kerri Evelyn Harris and staff decorate their new campaign headquarters ahead of an opening celebration.
Kimberly Adams/Marketplace

Delaware town throws shade on beach tents to help relieve overcrowding

May 26, 2017
On holidays like Memorial Day, the sand can get pretty crowded, so some cities are banning tents and barbecues.
The boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The town attracts about 7 million people a year.
James Morrison

Delaware's rebuilt dunes did the job, but now are gone

Mar 14, 2016
Battered by winter storms, Delaware beaches need rebuilding again
Delaware has spent $100 million rebuilding beaches and dunes along its resort coastline. The dunes protected resort towns during winter storms this year, but were wiped out and now need rebuilding again. Rehoboth Beach during one of the storms.
Mike Dane

MIDDAY UPDATE: foreclosure trials, distracted drivers, and haggis

Jan 24, 2011
A federal court in Delaware will hear two cases regarding whether two bankrupt sub-prime mortgage lenders can destroy thousands of boxes of...