In a tight labor market, some companies offer student loan repayment help as a perk

Feb 27, 2019
Some companies are starting to include student loan repayment programs in their benefits packages.
About 60 percent of those who went to college had to take out student loans to pay for it. 
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Expanding economy has consumers feeling flush enough to keep borrowing

Jan 9, 2019
The Federal Reserve reports that outstanding consumer credit rose by $22 billion dollars in November, after an even bigger rise in October. That puts U.S. consumers on track to increase their total debt on credit cards, student-loans and car-loans by 6-3/4…

A Hail Mary bid to save Sears

Dec 7, 2018
The chairman of the storied retailer has proposed a $4.6 billion bid to save what's left of the 130-year-old chain.
A Sears store in Brooklyn, New York, in October.
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How New York's court system turned into a debt-collection machine

Nov 27, 2018
A series from Bloomberg this week sheds light on a predatory lending practice that’s turning New York’s court system into a debt-collection machine. Some lenders that offer cash advances to small businesses require their customers to sign what’s called a…

Household debt is at an all-time high as holiday spending season arrives

Nov 20, 2018
The total debt carried by Americans has reached yet another record high — $13.5 trillion in the last quarter, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Household debt is now $837 billion higher than its previous peak in…

The EU balks at Italy's definition of debt

Nov 9, 2018
But what's Europe's definition based on, anyway?
 People stand in front of a 'debt clock' screen displaying the Italy's public debt at the Rome's Termini central station on February 15, 2018.

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For Puerto Ricans, a first step toward debt relief

Nov 7, 2018
A U.S. judge approved a deal to address some of Puerto Rico's massive debt.
Filipa Rodrigues/Marketplace

Capital One, Discover scale back credit card offerings

Nov 5, 2018
Companies trim credit limits, balance transfers to limit risk in case of slowdown.
Financial expert Carmen Wong Ulrich says credit cards aren't bad --  until you start looking at them as free cash.

Netflix to borrow an additional $2 billion to fund new shows

Oct 24, 2018
The streaming service has already borrowed more than $8 billion to fund original programming. Can it keep borrowing?
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings delivers a keynote address at CES 2016 at the Venetian Las Vegas.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images