How a debt jubilee could help the U.S. avert economic depression

Apr 2, 2020
One economist believes hope of avoiding a COVID-19 economic depression lies in full forgiveness of personal debts.
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A corner of the bond market is showing signs of stress

Mar 13, 2020
After this week's global market crash, the credit market is showing signs of stress.
Markets in Europe and futures in the U.S. are up Friday morning after a mess Thursday.
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FICO changes could lower 40 million credit scores

Jan 23, 2020
The change in how FICO is measured could make it more expensive for millions of Americans to borrow.
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Her church asked her to pay someone else's debt. She was in.

Nov 19, 2019
The church has helped over 20 people pay off $100,000 in credit card debt. The secret lies in treating credit card debt as a community problem, rather than an individual one.
Caroline Butcher teaches a dance class at Eastern University in Pennsylvania.
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How debt may take a toll on mental health

Jun 5, 2019
Whether student loans or credit-card debt, indebtedness is likely to bring you down.
Debt collectors could be texting you soon.
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Morehouse gift highlights philanthropy ... and black student debt

May 20, 2019
Billionaire tech investor Robert Smith surprised Morehouse graduates by promising to pay off their student loans. Black students are more likely than white students to graduate with student debt, according to research.
Billionaire philanthropist Robert Smith pledged up to $40 million to pay off Morehouse College graduates' student loans at commencement on Sunday.
Morehouse College

These college students will soon discover what living with debt is like

Apr 26, 2019
The average borrower will owe about $30,000 on student loans at graduation, which may delay homebuying or saving for retirement.
Sabrina Hayes, a community college student, is applying for financial aid to transfer to Portland State University. She's a single mother of 5-year-old twins and has borrowed about $50,000 to attend college so far.
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In a tight labor market, some companies offer student loan repayment help as a perk

Feb 27, 2019
Some companies are starting to include student loan repayment programs in their benefits packages.
About 60 percent of those who went to college had to take out student loans to pay for it. 
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Expanding economy has consumers feeling flush enough to keep borrowing

Jan 9, 2019
The Federal Reserve reports that outstanding consumer credit rose by $22 billion dollars in November, after an even bigger rise in October. That puts U.S. consumers on track to increase their total debt on credit cards, student-loans and car-loans by 6-3/4 percent this year. How might that record-high consumer debt impact the U.S. economy?  Click the […]