Dayton has welcomed immigrants, but many are now in limbo

Dec 14, 2016
The city has a program called "Welcome Dayton" that encourages immigrants to settle down there.
A view of Dayton, Ohio.
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In Dayton, empty homes hurt recovery

Jan 25, 2016
While developers focus on the city center, historic neighborhoods are suffering.
In Wolf Creek, an historic Dayton neighborhood, hundreds of homes still stand empty following the Great Recession and mortgage crisis. 
Juliet Fromholt, WYSO

In Dayton, taking fresh food to the bus stop

Nov 3, 2015
New approach to fighting food deserts puts fresh produce in the middle of town
The Market at Wright Stop Plaza in Dayton, Ohio, is open three days a week inside the city's downtown transportation hub
Lewis Wallace

A call for responsible banking in low-income neighborhoods

May 14, 2015
A growing number of cities are requiring banks to be "socially responsible."
A picture of Dayton, Ohio. In Dayton, city leaders are hoping a newly-passed ordinance will pressure banks to change their practices, and reinvest in neighborhoods that have become banking deserts.

What pushes people up the economic ladder

Apr 17, 2015
Researchers have discovered factors that may help economic mobility.

What makes economic mobility possible

Apr 17, 2015
"Social Capital" is one key factor influencing economic mobility.

Dayton bucks a population decline

Apr 1, 2015
Welcoming immigrants has helped Dayton reverse its economic prospects.

For public good, not for profit.

Finding the beta version of Silicon Valley

Mar 20, 2015
Does the American dream still exist in America? Location, location, location.

Chinese factories move to a new frontier: America

Feb 17, 2015
Chinese companies need more of the kinds of skilled labor available in the U.S.
Mike Fullenkamp, a supervisor at the Fuyao plant, says he's been looking forward to Fuyao coming to town ever since the announcement over a year ago.
Lewis Wallace/ Marketplace