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Extreme couponing is back. But it's on TikTok this time.

Feb 1, 2023
Clipping coupons may be largely digital now, but the deals are still out there. Kayla Burk is teaching a younger generation how to use them.
Kayla Burk, a full-time extreme couponer, makes TikTok explainer videos on how to get discounts.
Karen Bleier/AFP via Getty Images

Do coupons have a place in the digital economy?

Food inflation should make consumers eager for discounts. But the couponing tradition isn't keeping up with changing times.
"Coupon distribution has really tanked during the pandemic," says Lydia DePillis of The New York Times.
Karen Bleier/AFP via Getty Images

Those coupons people use for expensive meds are starting to count for less

Mar 19, 2018
Insurers are pushing back on manufacture coupons for expensive drugs in the hopes that it will pressure drug companies to lower prices.
A pharmacy manager assists a shopper in the pharmacy area of a Walmart store in Mount Prospect, Illinois.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Ever wonder how coupons work?

Mar 28, 2016
2.4 billion paper coupons were redeemed last year alone.

Why pharmaceutical coupons might push costs up overall

Nov 12, 2015
New apps help consumers find the best deals on prescription drugs, but at a cost.

The recession changed how we shop

Sep 1, 2015
Retailers must deal with frugal customers who grab deals and dash.

The Transaction: A Big Mac

Jul 9, 2015
Marketplace listener Allen Marin on how a Big Mac coupon led him to the Super Bowl.

For public good, not for profit.

Can Groupon revive the daily deal and itself?

Feb 27, 2013
As the company reports fourth quarter earnings, its new business model will be in the spotlight.

Hate junk mail? You might have to get used to more

Aug 28, 2012
Deal between postal service and direct mail provider could mean more ad circulars in your mailbox.