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Vietnam cracks down on fake "Made in Vietnam" labels

Jun 11, 2019
The Vietnamese government has promised a crackdown on fake labels and certificates of origin.
This photograph taken on May 24, 2019 shows a Ted Baker brand men's shirt labeled "Made in Vietnam" in a factory in Hanoi.

Welcome to the war of inflatable pool toys

Jul 29, 2016
For BigMouth Inc., this season has meant lots of summertime sadness.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

The tricky business behind fake Hollywood money

Mar 10, 2015
How a well-known prop maker found himself accused of counterfeiting.
There are rules prop makers must follow in duplicating money.
Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

You bought a counterfeit sports jersey. So what?

Feb 2, 2015
Such products are often a revenue stream for criminal organizations, experts say.

Fake pharmaceuticals are a $75 billion global industry

Sep 26, 2013
It's not just a problem in developing nations either.

$20 bill turns 10, trailblazer in fight against counterfeiters

May 13, 2013
That 'new' 20-spot isn't so new anymore.

For public good, not for profit.

Making money: The most secure paper in the world

Jan 28, 2013
How do you stop a counterfeiter? Holograms are out, but bank note windows are in. We talk with the CEO of Fortress Paper, a company that makes special paper that money is made from, with a focus on security.

Small talk: Kickstarter consultants, counterfeit bills

Aug 3, 2012
The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: Missile Defense staff warned to stop surfing porn sites, an entire industry of consultants to help you raise money on Kickstarter, and counterfeit $100 bills in Arizona.