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Is birding tourism in Colombia finally ready to take flight?

Jun 6, 2023
There are more bird species in the country than any other in the world. And post-pandemic, Colombia hopes more bird-watchers will visit.
The Andean motmot is a beautiful and relatively common bird in Colombia.
Stan Alcorn

Colombia's LGBT community may not be benefiting fully from reparations system

Feb 26, 2018
As victims of violent civil conflict come forward, some say members of the LGBT community are being left behind.
Quibdó, the capital of the rural department of Chocó, in Colombia, has the highest number of internally displaced people from the violence of the country's long civil war.
Sarah Barrett

Colombia's fragile peace effort is expensive and challenging

May 17, 2017
The deal between the government and guerrillas is expensive and challenging.
This guerrilla lost his arm during the conflict in Colombia. He is painting an image that marks 53 years since the formation of the FARC, the Spanish acronym for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.
Lorne Matalon

Venezuela opens border; relief is limited

Aug 16, 2016
Opening the border may relieve shortages, but not prices.
Venezuelans cross the border from San Antonio del Tachira, Venezuela, to Cucuta, Colombia on Saturday.

'OITNB' star was alone at age 14 after parents were deported

May 3, 2016
Actress Diane Guerrero discusses immigration from a personal perspective.
Diane Guerrero's memoir is “In The Country We Love: A Family Divided.”
Jeffrey Mosier

Microfinance is big business in Colombia

May 3, 2016
The country is a center of microfinance, providing small loans to the poor.
Elizabet Abella prepares food that she sells in the central market in Barranquilla, Colombia. She received a microloan to build her business from Opportunity International, a Christian organization that operates in 28 countries.
Lorne Matalon/Marketplace

Where there's treasure, there's lawyers

Dec 8, 2015
Colombia announces its found a 300-year-old ship full of treasure. And lawsuits.

For public good, not for profit.

Falling cocoa prices hurt Colombia's war on cocaine

Aug 16, 2012
Some farmers who took up cocoa farming in place of coca are returning to the crop from which cocaine is made.

Race to find new World Bank leader could take power from U.S.

Mar 21, 2012
How would the IMF and the World Bank really change if the new leader was appointed from a developing nation instead of the U.S.?