IBM's $34B plan to build a "hybrid cloud"

Jul 9, 2019
IBM has worn many different hats since its foundation. Now it's acquired one more: Red Hat.
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Behind every great cloud is a whole bunch of expensive computers

Feb 7, 2019
And the business of data centers for cloud computing is only growing.
"Essentially, data centers are very sophisticated systems for moving air around to bring it as close as possible to the [computer] servers and keep them cool," says Rich Miller, the founder and editor of Data Center Frontier, a news site that covers cloud computing.
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Will competition in the cloud squeeze Amazon's bottom line?

Jan 31, 2019
Amazon's cloud computing dominance has been slipping in recent years.
Amazon's cloud computing dominance has been slipping in recent years.
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Tech giants elbow in on Amazon’s cloud computing profits

Apr 28, 2017
There was a common theme in some of the big tech earnings announcements this week: the cloud. Most of Amazon’s more than $700 million first-quarter profit came not from shipping books and electronics all over the globe, but from its Amazon Web Services business. Amazon was a pioneer in letting companies rent computer processing and […]

Amazon's cloud services rain profits

Apr 24, 2015
Amazon dominates the cloud sector — a market it created.

Google launches new cloud ‘cold storage’ service

Mar 12, 2015
“Nearline” offers faster retrieval for older data.

Social networks head to the office

Nov 25, 2014
It's called 'enterprise tech,' and it's growing: Microsoft, Google, IBM and maybe now Facebook are involved.

For public good, not for profit.

Box headed for IPO

Feb 3, 2014
The cloud storage company focuses on helping businesses share data.

American Airlines stuck on the tarmac over systems glitch

Apr 17, 2013
Computer glitches can be frustrating, but what about when they keep an entire airline company from taking off? That’s what happened yesterday, when American Airlines had to cancel over 400 flights.