America's CEOs are feeling good, KPMG survey finds

And 72% of CEOs surveyed anticipate modest or significantly increased hiring in the next year.
72% of CEOs surveyed anticipate modest or significantly increased hiring in the next year, according to a new KPMG survey.
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What are corporate boards of directors supposed to do, exactly?

Nov 28, 2023
And what do medieval times have to do with it?
The average Fortune 500 company has a board of about 11 members, give or take.
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Is CEO pay out of control?

Oct 23, 2023
How much is too much? Union strikes and shareholder discussions have put executive compensation centerstage.
Disney CEO Bob Iger came under fire when he called striking writers' demand for higher pay "just not realistic" — despite making more than 500 times the median salary of his own employees.
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Most CEOs are confident about the future of the economy and their own company

Oct 5, 2023
But fewer CEOs feel confident of their firm’s fortunes than last year, a KPMG survey shows. More execs also want people back in the office.
Last year, 95% of CEOs said they were confident about their own company’s growth prospects. This year, it's 79%. Still high, but a big drop.
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Homes destroyed by the wildfire in Lahaina, Hawaii. Despite multiple severe weather events this summer, only a small minority of CEOs say climate change poses a "serious" risk to their business.
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Who cares what CEOs think about the economy? You probably should.

Jun 7, 2023
CEOs may not be economic wizards. But they have access to crucial data and make decisions that influence the economy.
Apple CEO Tim Cook is among the executives who participated in the Business Roundtable's quarterly survey, which predicted GDP growth of 1.5% this year.
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How do companies pick their CEOs?

Nov 21, 2022
Sometimes a boomerang, or returning, chief executive — like Disney's Bob Iger — means the company's in crisis or it needs to rejigger its succession plan.
Former Disney CEO Bob Iger is back at the helm of the entertainment giant.
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For public good, not for profit.

Nearly all major U.S. CEOs expect a recession in the next 12 months, new survey shows

Just one-third of those surveyed expect that recession to be minimally painful and brief.
Most U.S. CEOs think a recession is coming, according to a survey from KPMG.
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What is the difference between a president and a CEO? 

Sep 2, 2022
CEOs are tasked with handling the company’s overall vision, while presidents are more focused on day-to-day operations.
CEOs are responsible for the overall vision of a company, and are usually on the company's board. However, some leaders occupy both the role of CEO and president.
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Founder CEOs often have shelf lives

Feb 8, 2022
John Foley, Peloton's co-founder and CEO, is handing the reins to a leader with different experience, a moment many startups put off.
Peloton's John Foley is leaving the CEO position after business turned down, but he's staying on as executive chairman.
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