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In China, Cadillac is not your grandma’s luxury car

Jul 5, 2019
While it’s been on a decades-long slide in the U.S., Cadillac sales are booming in China.
A luxury Cadillac XLR on display at a ceremony in Beijing, China in 2004.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Car companies have started offering monthly subscriptions for drivers who don't want to own

May 9, 2018
What do BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Lincoln, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo have in common? They're all offering car subscriptions that let drivers rent vehicles by the month for a flat fee that includes maintenance and insurance.
Canvas is a subscription service that lets drivers rent Ford and Lincoln vehicles by the month. 
Photo courtesy of Ford

Cadillac's one-way drive to New York and new branding

Aug 28, 2015
A conversation with the company's president.

General Motors adds insult to injury for Detroit

Sep 23, 2014
General Motors is moving the Cadillac global headquarters to New York.

Cadillac optimistic for 2012, Lincoln still struggling

Jan 3, 2012
Next week, carmakers will unveil their new models at the North American International Auto Show. Cadillac hopes to make a strong showing in the luxury category, but it's a different story for Ford's struggling Lincoln brand.