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David Cross releases film on 'pay what you want' basis

Feb 13, 2015
"Hits" premieres on BitTorrent, the service known for piracy.

Everybody's a television producer

Feb 13, 2015
BitTorrent, the file sharing platform, will create original video content.

A new product from a notorious name in entertainment

Nov 18, 2014
BitTorrent aims to give musicians the power to sell directly to fans.

Big ad sales on the high seas of online piracy

May 23, 2013
BitTorrent, a site best known as a way for people to illegally share and download content, says it serves over five billion ads a month. But will advertisers flock to such a dicey marketplace?

Get your drugs online

Jun 2, 2011
There's a website you can visit to buy all your drugs - heroin, LSD - you name it. It's called Silk Road, and you have to be pretty tech savvy to...