AI could automate over half of banking jobs

Jun 21, 2024
A new report by Citi looks at the financial tasks that will be delegated to AI — and the new ones that will crop up.
One thing AI won’t be as good at as human bankers? Dealing with human customers.
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Possible severing of Israeli-Palestinian banking ties stirs worries

May 28, 2024
If the Israeli finance minister's threat is carried out, the Palestinian economy — and the Palestinian Authority — could be starved of revenue.
Vandalized aid trucks on the Israeli side of a barrier with the West Bank. Before the Hamas attack of Oct. 7, many more Palestinians earned paychecks by working in Israel.
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Corporate dealmaking has picked up. That's good news for bankers — and the economy.

Apr 15, 2024
After a couple of years of uncertainty, there's pent-up demand for mergers, stock and bond sales and other complex transactions.
Goldman Sachs reported that investment-banking revenue increased 32% last quarter from the same time in 2023.
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What do bank earnings tell us about the economy?

Apr 11, 2024
Over the next week, six major banks will be reporting their earnings. Higher interest rates could affect both sides of their balance sheets.
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Acquire or be acquired may be the new reality for small and midsize banks

Mar 14, 2024
Many are struggling with high deposit rates and shaky commercial real estate portfolios. Some seek to bulk up as a solution.
First Republic failed and was absorbed by JPMorgan Chase. Due to pressures in the banking industry, some expect to see more consolidation.
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Banks are still grappling with fallout of SVB's failure one year on

Mar 11, 2024
Regulators are more watchful, and banks are trying to be more resourceful.
The banking system was caught off guard by the problems at Silicon Valley Bank,  Signature Bank and First Republic Bank.
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What does it mean for a bank to find “material weaknesses”?

Mar 4, 2024
Regional lender New York Community Bancorp swapped out its CEO last week following the revelation of what it called “material weaknesses in the company’s internal controls.
New York Community Bank acquired nearly $40 billion in assets from Signature Bank last year. That rapid growth can make it hard for internal controls to keep up.
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For public good, not for profit.

A year after Silicon Valley Bank failed, lenders are still feeling pressure on all sides

Feb 23, 2024
Rising interest rates have cranked up the interest banks are paying depositors. But banks also have a lot of cash stuck in low-interest bonds and loans they made before the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates.
A lot of the problems that last year’s bank failures revealed are still troubling small and mid-sized banks today.
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JPMorgan Chase announces brick-and-mortar bank expansion in a digital age

Feb 6, 2024
The country's largest bank says it will open more than 500 new branches and renovate another 1,700. That's good for customers, but what's in it for the bank?
JPMorgan Chase will open up more than 500 new brick-and-mortar branches, some in new markets where the bank doesn't have as much of a presence.
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How pizza can explain a proposed rule about bank capital

Jan 16, 2024
Regulators want to make sure banks have enough money on hand to weather wobbles in the economy. Too much risk can ruin a good meal.
If you think of the funding a bank uses to do business as a pizza, debt would be slices with unusual toppings (which come with more risk) and equity slices would be plain cheese. The proposed rule would require more of those plain slices. But the banking industry warns that would cost more.
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