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Extra fees have conquered the airline industry. But there may be fewer going forward.

Feb 22, 2023
Customer and airlines like them better than higher airfares.
United Airlines moved recently to ease some of its fees after President Biden criticized the industry's fee practices in his State of the Union address.
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Airlines waive change fees in hopes of spurring reservations

Sep 1, 2020
Their aim is to generate demand by eliminating uncertainty for those booking in advance.
A passenger waits for a United Airlines flight to begin. Demand for air travel has been curtailed by the coronavirus.
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Delta profits on cheap fuel, but faces other costs

Oct 14, 2015
The drop in oil prices has made jet fuel only the airline's second-largest cost.

Those sky-high fees for flying

Jun 23, 2015
Airlines now charge their customers a raft of fees for all sorts of things.

Profitable airlines face grumpy investors

Jun 12, 2015
Large U.S. air carriers' profits are up, but investors are dumping their stock.

Breaking down the fees and taxes in a plane ticket

Jul 21, 2014
We explain the math behind your airline ticket as TSA security fees increase.

For public good, not for profit.

Frontier Airlines will charge to use overhead bins

Apr 29, 2014
The (very) low cost airline reveals its new pricing structure.

Affording the friendly skies: Avoiding airline fees

Feb 21, 2014
Booking your next vacation means dealing with airlines ... and their fees. After you spend a pretty penny on the ticket, there are all sorts of charges for extra comforts like an in-flight snack, a few extra inches of legroom ... you name it!
Southwest Airlines.
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