Would you wish your job on your worst enemy?
Nov 15, 2022

Would you wish your job on your worst enemy?

More than 4 in 10 workers wouldn’t. Today, why workers are kinda hating their jobs. Plus, an e-commerce retailer takes on brick-and-mortar sales.

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The prices of industrial metals are surging. That's probably good news for the world economy.

Nov 15, 2022
The increases are seen as an indicator of strength, though they might fuel more inflation.
Copper’s recent price surge hints at a strengthening global economy, boosted by an expected recovery of Chinese manufacturing. Above, a copper mining operation.
Ari Widodo/Getty Images

Adapting an e-commerce product for retail shelves

Nov 15, 2022
“It essentially changes the DNA of your business,” said Lindsay McCormick, CEO of personal care products company Bite.
Lindsay McCormick, CEO of personal care products company Bite, holds a package of deodorant.
Maria Hollenhorst/Marketplace

American workers are bummed out

Nov 15, 2022
A new survey by UKG's Workforce Institute finds half of American workers wouldn't recommend their job or their employer to their own kid. The same percentage would like to stop working if they could.
Some 45% of American workers "don’t want to work anymore, period," said Chris Mullen of the UKG Workforce Institute.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Declining property tax collection may hit city budgets

Nov 15, 2022
Seattle recently had to redraw its budget after forecasting a $27 million drop in revenue from one real estate tax.
The San Francisco skyline. The city's chief economist Ted Egan said he's increasingly worried about a drop in property tax revenue.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Low Mississippi River water levels drive up shipping costs

Nov 15, 2022
The river is a critical pathway for all kinds of agricultural products, including grains and soy beans.
Barges, stranded by low water, sit at the Port of Rosedale along the Mississippi River.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

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