When work from home isn’t really “home”
Jun 25, 2021

When work from home isn’t really “home”

Plus, the Weekly Wrap, how we shop for clothes post-pandemic and the extension of the the eviction moratorium.

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A look at the numbers games happening in D.C.

Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal talks to the Washington Posts’ Catherine Rampell and Yahoo Finance’s Brian Cheung about the state of the infrastructure bill and the Fed’s response to inflation.

Those people working from home? Many of them aren't home

Jun 25, 2021
Restaurants, hotels and even retail outlets have grabbed a business opportunity to attract remote workers with their space.
Many people enjoy the flexibility of working from home, but are they home?

How we shop for clothes now

Jun 25, 2021
Apparel sales are up lately. But the kind of clothing many people want to wear has changed because of the pandemic.
Some consumers have opted for more comfortable clothing, and clothing that expresses comfort with who they are.
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

What happens when the eviction moratorium ends in a month?

Jun 25, 2021
The extension of the eviction moratorium may help federal assistance cover some back rent, but long-term solutions are needed.
The federal eviction moratorium has been extended by a month, but experts think long-term solutions are needed for renter assistance.
Michael M. Santiago via Getty Images

A Facebook barter group is straying away from bartering

Veronica Coon in Nevada describes how the economy’s reopening is affecting her Facebook barter group.

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