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When group chats help fuel bank runs

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A black-and-white photos show a group of men in suits looking at a sign on a bank window informing them that the bank is closed.

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The Weekly Wrap

Kai Ryssdal speaks with Jordyn Holman at The New York Times and Heather Long at The Washington Post about the complexity of the Federal Reserve's next steps and whether the current economic tumult is a crisis, or just a situation.
Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Behind SVB's collapse were a whole lot of texts on messaging groups

by Kristin Schwab Mar 17, 2023
Chatter among the bank's depositors on social media and texting groups may have exacerbated its demise.
Banks in Turmoil

How freaked out are consumers these days?

by Matt Levin Mar 17, 2023
Consumer sentiment isn't as gloomy as the failure of Silicon Valley Bank might lead you to expect.

Why are women in China not having more babies?

by Jennifer Pak Mar 17, 2023
In China, each woman went from having about three children in the late 1970s to now one. Decades later, the Chinese government wants women to have three children again but is meeting resistance.

What can the beer market tell us about the economy?

by Nicholas Guiang Mar 17, 2023
A beer industry group's data shows a steep decline for the craft segment in February as consumers spent more consciously.

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