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The things that keep economists up at night
Aug 23, 2023

The things that keep economists up at night

Federal Reserve officials and economists discuss economic transitions this week in Jackson Hole. Today, we do the same. Plus, changing consumer habits throw retailers for a loop.

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What keeps economists up at night?

Aug 23, 2023
We asked some professors to riff on the theme of the Fed's annual Jackson Hole retreat: “Structural Shifts in the Global Economy.”
"I think the regular 8-to-5 schedules we used to have are really super hard for families," says Ayse Imrohoroglu of the University of Southern California.
Christian Ender/Getty Images
Homes destroyed by the wildfire in Lahaina, Hawaii. Despite multiple severe weather events this summer, only a small minority of CEOs say climate change poses a "serious" risk to their business.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Water-short cities in the West want to use every drop, even from sewage

Aug 23, 2023
Direct potable reuse technology, which lets cities pump treated wastewater back into pipes, is picking up steam from Colorado to California.
A flask of purified recycled water after a demonstration in Carson, California.
Alex Hager/KUNC

For this customs broker, the Section 301 China tariffs are still top of mind

Aug 23, 2023
The tariffs placed on over $360 billion of Chinese goods is still a chief concern for Gretchen Blough of Erie, Pennsylvania.
"People are looking for more supply chain solutions," says customs broker Gretchen Blough. Above, shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles.
Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images

Several big retailers disappoint Wall Street as consumers shift spending

Aug 23, 2023
Macy's reported a drop in sales from last year, and Kohl's and Dick's Sporting Goods reported lower profits.
Macy's is among the retailers to issue shaky forecasts as consumers channel spending away from goods toward necessities and experiences.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

To narrow the gender gap in boardrooms, Poker Power asks girls to ante up

Aug 23, 2023
"Stereotypically, poker is a boys' club. It's booze, it's betting, it's a smoky basement. It's all the places that women don't feel comfortable. And that's what we're trying to shift," said Erin Lydon, president of Poker Power.
"Half the world is women. So we want half the world playing poker," said Erin Lydon, president of Poker Power.
Photo courtesy of Erin Lydon

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