The global economy may not be so bad off after all
Feb 6, 2023

The global economy may not be so bad off after all

The U.S. economy is doing better than many expected, and there are signs of strength in the global economy too. Plus, utilities increasingly look to recovery bonds.

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The global economy proves stronger than expected, which is good news for the U.S.

Feb 6, 2023
Europe's having a pretty good winter, and other parts of the world aren't doing too badly, either.
The global economy slowed markedly in 2022, and it's expected to weaken further this year. But some patches of the globe are performing better than expected.

The Census of Agriculture: what it's for, why it matters

Feb 6, 2023
The USDA sends its survey out every five years to create a snapshot of American agriculture, divvy up funds and make policy decisions.
The government uses data from the USDA survey to target resources and inform policy decisions.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

What happens when your streaming show gets "disappeared"?

Feb 6, 2023
Dozens of original shows and films have been erased from streaming platforms. Some companies can receive tax breaks by nixing content.
The cast of the HBO Max series "Gordita Chronicles" in June. Despite positive reviews, the show was canceled and eventually removed from the streaming platform.
JC Olivera/Getty Images

Weathering the economic storm, this small-business owner remains optimistic

Feb 6, 2023
Like other retail businesspeople, Amelia Freeman-Lynde of Durham, North Carolina, has grappled with supply chain and staffing issues.
Amelia Freeman-Lynde owns Freeman's Creative, a craft shop in Durham, North Carolina. "Not only is it year over year been a really different business, but every month,” she says.
Jade Wilson/Courtesy Freeman-Lynde

Growth of solar energy and battery capacity yields sunny forecast for the industry

Feb 6, 2023
The federal Energy Information Administration predicts that more than half of the new capacity added to the electric grid this year will be solar.
"Now, there's more incentive and more availability of locations to build new solar projects," an Energy Department spokesman said.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Utilities' emergency costs spark surge in ratepayer-funded recovery bonds

Feb 6, 2023
To pay off expenses caused by storms or power plant retirements, utilities are increasingly turning to something called securitization.
More than half of states have legislation allowing utilities to use securitization to pay off massive one-time expenses.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

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