The Fed’s gonna do what the Fed’s gonna do
Jan 26, 2022

The Fed’s gonna do what the Fed’s gonna do

Which is a lot of considering and a lot of signaling.

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The statistic Fed Chair Powell uses to keep an eye out for wage inflation

Jan 26, 2022
The central bank will scrutinize the employment cost index for 2021’s fourth quarter for signs that rising pay could fuel rising prices.
Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell has turned his efforts toward containing inflation. The employment cost index is one of the economic indicators the Fed examines in setting monetary policy.
Graeme Jennings-Pool/Getty Images

Germany sees a gas pipeline under the Baltic as a commercial project. Russia may see it as a leverage.

Jan 26, 2022
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline would get Russian gas to Germany without going through Ukraine.
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline complicates relations between Germany, Russia and Ukraine.
John Macdougall/ Getty Images

Federal Reserve considers pros and cons of digital currency

Jan 26, 2022
Here's how you'd buy a Mountain Dew and a Slim Jim with digital cash.
Just like cash, the value stored in a digital dollar would be instantly accessible to stores. But are Americans willing to kiss their greenbacks goodbye?
Tamer Soliman/Getty Images

As more people seek recreation outdoors, backcountry rescues are on the rise

Jan 26, 2022
Many volunteer rescue groups had an increase in calls last year.
Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit volunteers extract a person portraying a lost snowshoer during a training exercise.
Madelyn Beck/Mountain West News

Hawaiian boat tour owner is "carefully rebuilding" after tsunami damage

Jan 26, 2022
Sea Quest Hawaii's business was already down 30% from omicron when the tsunami caused $100,000 in damage to its office.
Sea Quest Hawaii's Kona office was the only building in the area to sustain substantial damage, owner Manu Powers says.
Sea Quest Hawaii

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