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The facial recognition software cops are raving about
Sep 19, 2023

The facial recognition software cops are raving about

Journalist Kashmir Hill spent the last four years writing about a company that says it can find any face anywhere on the internet. Her conclusion? Clearview AI is changing privacy as we know it.

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An electrical transformer shortage has big implications for housing, renewables

Sep 19, 2023
You may not think much about electrical distribution transformers, but not having them can delay entire housing developments and grid updates.
"Typically on a utility pole they’re round, and they’re at the top of the pole," said John Kirk, managing director at Embrey, a multifamily developer based in San Antonio.
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Is a four-day workweek possible for blue-collar workers?

Sep 19, 2023
A four-day workweek, which is among UAW contract demands, could make companies more efficient. But some think it could cause burnout.
The United Auto Workers are on strike at certain plants across the U.S. Among their contract demands are a four-day week with no reduction in pay.
Sarah Rice/Getty Images

Facial recognition startup Clearview AI could change privacy as we know it

Sep 19, 2023
In "Your Face Belongs to Us” New York Times journalist Kashmir Hill describes her examination of privacy in the digital era.
"There is still no overarching law guarantee­ing Americans control over what photos are taken of them, what is written about them, or what is done with their personal data," Kashmir Hill writes.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Olive oil prices climb amid drought, heat in Mediterranean

Sep 19, 2023
Weather extremes have threatened global olive oil supplies for the second year as the appetite for EVOO grows in the U.S.
Unfavorable conditions in growing regions have driven up olive oil prices in the U.S. and may open opportunities for American agriculture.
Carlos Gil/Getty Images

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