The country’s newest test case for nuclear power
Jul 31, 2023

The country’s newest test case for nuclear power

Will a new nuclear reactor convince the country that nuclear energy is worth the cost? Then, high interest rates trap homeowners — and their equity.

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New Georgia reactor is a test case for nuclear power

Jul 31, 2023
Advocates call nuclear power essential to a carbon-free future. But the project took much longer, and cost much more, than planned.
Unit 3, left, of the Plant Vogtle nuclear power station. The reactor began generating energy Monday.
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Homeowners are gaining equity, but it may be going untapped

Jul 31, 2023
A new report finds the rate of mortgage borrowers considered "equity rich" increased to 49% in the second quarter.
"Why would you refinance if you've got a mortgage of 3%, at a mortgage rate of 7%?" says Susan Wachter of the Wharton School.
Philip Pacheco/AFP via Getty Images

Perks of being a legacy student can go beyond the admissions office

Jul 31, 2023
While some colleges are dropping their legacy admissions policy, there are less formal benefits for those with family connections.
Occidental College, a Los Angeles private school, is among the latest institutions to end legacy admissions.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

What happened to my money?

How do you recover from a major financial betrayal from someone you love? In an excerpt from Marketplace’s podcast “This Is Uncomfortable,” host Reema Khrais confronts the question with Sally, a 79-year-old from New York, about giving her trust and savings to the wrong person.

Wyoming, long known as a top coal producing state, makes a big move into wind energy

Jul 31, 2023
A new power line project will transfer Wyoming wind to supply parts of the Southwest with electricity. Wyoming’s focus on renewable energy is a shift from its history with fossil fuels.
Wyoming’s Republican Governor Mark Gordon attended the ground breaking ceremony. Despite the state’s fossil fuel history, he said this project is needed to address climate change.
Caitlin Tan/Wyoming Public Media

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