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Saudi Arabia’s oil cuts may not mean higher gas prices
Jun 5, 2023

Saudi Arabia’s oil cuts may not mean higher gas prices

Strong supply and weak demand could derail Saudi Arabia's effort to lift oil prices. Then, how a rural Nebraska tradition is shifting in the digital age.

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Saudis cut oil production — but that might not lead to higher gas prices

Jun 5, 2023
Cutting production usually leads to an increase in prices. Here's why that might not be the case this time.
Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

U.S. manufacturing is sluggish, with some bright spots

Jun 5, 2023
Higher borrowing costs are one factor holding back the manufacturing sector.
General Motors announced Monday a $1 billion investment in two of its factories in Flint, Michigan. It joins a wave of sector investment in construction.
Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

Defaults on commercial real estate loans are rising as many workers stay remote

Jun 5, 2023
More than 3% of such loans are now delinquent.
Renters may be able to get a better deal on office space right now — but many are sticking to the sidelines.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Going once, going twice, gone! Farm auctions are moving online, and that's changing a rural tradition

Jun 5, 2023
Farm auctions — a marketplace for knickknacks, farm land and everything in between — are often also social gathering spaces for rural communities. That’s changing as more auctions go online.
Auctioneer Ryan Creamer calls a bid from inside the trailer cab, while Austin Creamer monitors online bidding from a laptop. At this farm auction, Creamer said live auctions with internet bidders are the best selling opportunities.
Elizabeth Rembert/Harvest Public Media

It’s not my fault I was poor

In an excerpt from a recent episode of Marketplace’s “This Is Uncomfortable,” host Reema Khrais checks back in with Wen Wen Yang, who wrote in four years ago asking how to navigate the middle class after growing up in a low-income household.

Make-A-Wish works to cut backlog of "wishes" to Disney World

Jun 5, 2023
The pandemic drastically slowed down the number of critically ill children the Make-A-Wish Foundation could send to its top destination.
“More than half of our wishes are Disney wishes," said Chris Winter, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina.
Olga Thompson/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

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