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Life’s bananas. Let’s buy something!
Aug 14, 2023

Life’s bananas. Let’s buy something!

Several years of pandemic-induced uncertainty has the American consumer feeling spendy. Then, a check-in on Vermont’s property buyout program.

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How do young adults view investing after COVID turmoil and market swings?

Aug 14, 2023
There are new products that make investing and trading easier than ever for people who have less money, through apps and fractional shares.
App-based and commission-free trading have helped make it easier for young people to invest.
LanaStock/Getty Images

Buyouts prevented some damage in Vermont's July flood, but more will be needed

Aug 14, 2023
While property buyouts helped prevent flooding in some parts of Vermont, the process is rarely easy or efficient.
A kayaker paddles through floodwaters in Montpelier, Vermont, on July 11. After recent flooding, dozens of property buyouts may be needed.
Kylie Cooper/Getty Images

Nonprofit lenders compete to distribute $27 billion for greenhouse gas reduction projects

Aug 14, 2023
The money, mandated by the Inflation Reduction Act, will be invested in heat pumps, electric vehicle infrastructure and other systems.
Grants from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund can go toward initiatives like boosting electric vehicle infrastructure.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How do waste plants pick through all our unsorted recyclables?

Aug 14, 2023
Single-stream recycling is convenient for consumers, but difficult for recycling companies. It requires a long and complicated process to make trash valuable.
The pile at the beginning of the day represents some of the recyclables from roughly 5 million daily consumers.
Caleigh Wells/KCRW

How a personal stylist in Atlanta turned her eye for fashion into a business opportunity

Aug 14, 2023
Before she turned her affinity for style into a career, Valencia Holland was her friends’ “go-to girl” for advice on what to wear.
Valencia Holland has worked as a personal stylist for 12 years.
Courtesy Holland

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