Job churn may finally be leveling off
Feb 1, 2023

Job churn may finally be leveling off

Labor Department data shows that job churn has been on the decline. Plus, Jay Powell hasn't declared victory over inflation yet and ChatGPT complicates the mission of educators.

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Maybe the eighth time's the charm?

Today, the Federal Open Market Committee concludes its first policy-setting meeting of the year. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal discusses the big takeaways from Federal Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference.

As the job market cools, "job churn" is leveling off from historic pandemic highs

Feb 1, 2023
The more people switch jobs, the better the odds anybody can find a better one.
The number of job openings increased in December. But the rates at which people quit their jobs – and at which companies hire – have been stagnating over the last few months.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Bed, Bath, Beyond, bankruptcy? A look at the retailer's bid to avoid Chapter 11

Feb 1, 2023
The troubled retailer has been struggling for a decade now. But is there still hope?
Experts think bankruptcy is likely for BB&B but not necessarily liquidation. Though Seth Basham, a retail analyst at Wedbush Securities, said the company needs to become a unique brand and create value that goes beyond those blue 20% off coupons.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Retail is recovering — and flowering — in smaller cities and the suburbs

Feb 1, 2023
A new report from the JPMorgan Chase Institute finds retail has followed consumers to where many more now work and live.
Consumers are continuing to spend — just closer to home. Above, people walk at an outdoor shopping area in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

The advent of ChatGPT creates demand for software to detect its use

Feb 1, 2023
Since the chatbot launched, schools have sought tools to inform teachers when students try to pass off AI-generated writing as their own.
Some students are using artificial intelligence programs like ChatGPT to do their homework. Now school districts are seeking software to identify AI-generated writing.
Lionel Bonaventure/AFP via Getty Images

Extreme couponing is back. But it's on TikTok this time.

Feb 1, 2023
Clipping coupons may be largely digital now, but the deals are still out there. Kayla Burk is teaching a younger generation how to use them.
Kayla Burk, a full-time extreme couponer, makes TikTok explainer videos on how to get discounts.
Karen Bleier/AFP via Getty Images

With labor and supply still tight, a Detroit business owner finds an optimistic new normal

Feb 1, 2023
Supply chain hangups and labor shortages have frustrated small businesses. But for a custom frame shop in Detroit, optimism is high for 2023.
Eric Vaughn of Eric's I've Been Framed Shop has handled business smoothly, despite being down to just two employees.
Courtesy Vaughn

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