How “Squid Game” took over fall TV
Oct 8, 2021

How “Squid Game” took over fall TV

Also on today's program: the Weekly Wrap, shipping consternation for importers and a preview of Marketplace's newest show, "How We Survive."

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The Weekly Wrap

The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell and Business Insider’s Linette Lopez chat with Kai Ryssdal about the September jobs report, the debt ceiling and more of this week’s economic news.

Hourly wages rose for the sixth month in a row

Oct 8, 2021
The September wage numbers from the Labor Department are good news in particular for workers at restaurants, hotels and retail.
Many companies in retail and the service industry are boosting wages to attract workers amid the labor shortage.
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Pay or delay: Importers caught in shipping backup face limited options

Oct 8, 2021
“There’s nothing I can do,” said India Hynes, CEO of appliance importer Vinotemp.
Stacks of shipping containers at the Port of Oakland in California. "Containers aren't unloaded at the port level, and the factories are hesitant to produce," laments India Hynes, CEO of Vinotemp.
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

How "Squid Game," a Korean drama from Netflix, became a global hit

Oct 8, 2021
American audiences have become increasingly interested in foreign films and shows.
The trailer of "Squid Game," a dystopian drama that one media analyst calls "a story of people who are desperate financially and psychologically.”

An excerpt from "How We Survive"

To get off fossil fuels, you need a lot of batteries. To get a lot of batteries, you need to mine a lot of lithium. Welcome to Thacker Pass, Nevada, where a proposed lithium mine has sparked protests, in Marketplace's newest podcast "How We Survive."

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